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The Sini Nyassigui Association (in Dioula language “Better Future”) has been in existence for 5 years, de facto, if not on paper. It is the fruit of the efforts of people who are interested in social progress and in overcoming the obstacles of the current society in Burkina and in the rest of the world. It was officially created in December, 2008. 

Unlike many of the other NGDOs (Non-governmental Development Organizations), Sini Nyassigui is based on total transparency and requirements for permanent co-responsibility. Whatever funds we may have or acquire are a scarce resource and thus, one that must be managed with a maximum of efficiency. 


Why in Burkina Faso?

We could just as easily ask, “Why not?”   Burkina Faso is not a country currently dealing with general catastrophe, as is the case for Somalia, Zimbabwe or Sudan, but a country in which things work reasonably well.  In spite of shortages of several types, peoples’ basic subsistence needs are generally met. 
Thus, it is easier to invest in secondary education there, providing a base from which results may be more easily obtained. Indeed, according to world statistics for the year 2008, literacy rates for children and adults over age 15 are a mere 27 %, while 57 % of the children from 5 to 14 years old are obliged to work. In a country with hardly than 15 million inhabitants, 46% of the population is made up of those under age 15.  This represents a real demographic time- bomb for a country which in the 1950s did not have even 4 million inhabitants.

School enrolment for children from 7 to 12 years old is less than 49 % and many families prefer their children leave school after finishing the basic compulsory cycle. To pursue further study is too expensive for most of them, and becomes completely impossible in the case of families with several children. It is a fact that Burkina Faso spends almost as much on the army as it does on education. Yet we are not here to judge this policy, but rather to assert our goal of active solidarity that cannot be accused of complicity or complacency in relation to those who govern the country, capitalist globalization, colonialist heritage, etc. 
Sini Nyassigui is an NGO (NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) for development which bases its activity on voluntary services that are not tied to political ideals or movements, having no ideological affiliation beyond a shared commitment to human solidarity. 

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