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“We cannot all do big things, but we can all do little things, with a lot of love” mother Térésa, Nobel Peace Prize 

Sini Nyassigui is an a-political democratic, secular and universalist association. It is open to all those who wish to join it.  Full members are those who pay their fees (sponsoring one or more children), whether they are Burkinabés, African or European and regardless of nationality, age, sex, race or religion.  Full membership makes you eligible to exercise all the responsibilities of the association, giving you access to all  information on origin, management and  allocation of resources as well as general association results.  Sponsors have the right to information on initial situation of and progress and results obtained by whoever they are sponsoring.  We expect everyone, African and European alike, to participate in our solidarity activities, as well as to exercise his or her rights regarding critique and democratic control of the association. 


 Why participate in Sini Nyassigui?

For the sheer pleasure of doing good and seeing how future generations make a commitment to supplying positive results. Sini Nyassigui does not engage in politics but is simply an association which works in a democratic way. Transparency and efficiency are basic rules, in order to contribute toward a better future for all those who need a second chance to finish studies that are hard to pay for, especially when they have little means to go beyond keeping food on the table. Sini Nyassigui’s slogan is: "Nyogon Demen ka Loni Soro" which in Dioula language means, “Let us help eachother  to acquire knowledge”. 
Become a Sini Nyassigui volunteer if:
- You have a little extra time on a regular basis;
- You want to do something useful for the world’s deprived children.
- You can pay a symbolic monthly contribution of 500 FCFA if you live in Burkina or 5 Euros if you live in any other country of the world. 

As a volunteer what can I do? 

- Help disseminate SINI NYASSIGUI and its actions.
-  Sensitize the public regarding the eradication of misery and poverty through education and effort.
- Promote sponsorship as a means of helping those in need.
- Aid in teaching evening classes at the Dapoya 2 School or in management of the school library.
- Propose new solidarity activities for the association. 
This will also enable you to meet the other persons who provide solidarity, who are sponsors as you are or simply Sini Nyassigui volunteers, an occasion for brotherly exchange of hopes and experiences.  

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