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Sponsorship means sharing happiness…. 

Thanks to your regular contribution, the sponsored child will have the luck to find a way out of poverty:  

* S/he can continue his/her studies through the BEPC, and then decide whether to go on to a BAC (College Prep High School Diploma Program) or a CAP (VOCATIONAL TRAINING  Degree Program).

* His/her family will have fewer difficulties in feeding, clothing and caring for him/her;  
Sponsorship benefits do not stop there. Rather, efforts that benefit individual children and youth also place them within a development program that improves school structures, study conditions and family relations. This program also aims at making its pupils’ studies more compatible with the income-earning activities that they engage in as part of family subsistence;  
Sini Nyassigui participation is especially enriching for the children, as it means connecting them to the world, to different cultures, from one continent to the next. It means exchanging, sharing and enlarging the family.  Everyone gains through it.  .

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