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In this section, we present issues concerning Association organization, begining with its original official registration with the Ministry of the Interior, Association statutes, internal regulation and introduction of the team that keeps it moving:

The president and 2 vice-presidents

Founder-director of the school of evening classes of Dapoya 2, Souleymane Bamba (on the left in the above photo) began university studies in Chemistry before turning quickly to the teaching profession- initially due to the need to pay for his studies and then because he discovered his vocation for the transmission of the knowledge. The night school was born 5 years ago and has been running on a deficit since its inception, since teachers’ salaries stretch the budget beyond the limits of the money pupils bring in. Souleymane’s solution, up until now, has been to work overtime teaching in other educational institutions, give private classes and transform his own dining room into a photocopying service.  He has done everything within his powers to be able to pay teachers, as there is only one thing he will absolutely not do:  stop providing education to Dapoya 2 youth.  

Founder of the group of companies Cap-Burkina, Serge Tal (on the right in the above photo) is a businessman devoted to import-export trade and to the distribution of foodstuffs in the Burkina Faso. Nonetheless, he also engages in philanthropic and associative activities which in fact were what brought him to participate in Sini Nyassigui, where his goal has been to align his skills as an effective administrator with a democratic and non-profit association, striving to move beyond ethnic and religious cleavages to build a better and more brotherly world. 

Head of project management of the ITES audiovisual group, based in Barcelona, Spain, Nicolas Carbonell (in the center in the above photo) combines the bon vivant aspect of his personality with his commitment to knowledge and his concern for the future of humanity. Supporter of free and spontaneous solidarity action, he simply believed he could do something useful here and is very happy to be able to help his friends. 



Below : two scanned documents from the Home Office of the Republic of the Burkina Faso. The first one lists members of the executive office and their phone contact.

Estatutos y Reglamento de la Association Sini Nyassigui (texto Word en francés)

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