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  1. Sini Nyassigui has assumed responsibility for school expenses without substituting the evening classes ("Tolerànce" Program) which have been maintained until today by the " Tenga Paoongo " association, officially responsible for the rental contract. For year 2009-2010, the school expenses to be paid by every child will be reduced to 12.500 for those registered in September and 10.000 for those who have registered in June. School hours will be increased by 50 %, going from 2 to 3 hours a day and providing two weekly classes per subject. 

  2. The pupils will be further motivated through the realization of extra-curricular activities and by prizes (soccer balls, park visits, tickets for the swimming pool or restaurants) for those who do the best in “surprise examinations” or obtain an average that is above 14/20 in an average of three key subjects per quarter.

  3. The library will open once a week throughout the year (holidays included) so that books can be taken out, through payment of a 500 FCFA security deposit. The same system will be used for textbook rental, with the difference that the deposit will not be returned at the end of the year if school textbooks are no longer in good condition.
  4. Teachers paid by the Sini Nyassigui association will be encouraged to become active members, although they already make an important effort by accepting a mere 500 FCFA an hour - one fifth of what is paid in day classes – for the classes they teach.

  5. Entrance to the 3rd level will, in the future, become contingent on successfully passing  an examination.

  6. The pupils without sufficient resources to pay for their studies will become the object of detailed case study and if they have the necessary abilities, will be sponsored by Sini Nyassigui (Europe).  The association will provide for their schooling as well as an additional allowance for food. Yet this matter must be handled with a maximum of discretion, so that students who are able to pay for the studies do not request the benefit. 
  7. The executive board will have the support of a secretary, responsible for mediating and liaison work, will act as custodian of documents and will take care of a range of other administrative matters, and will preferably  have access to a moped for transportation purposes (This person could be chosen from the ranks of recent Dapoya school students or graduates).

  8. The June publicity campaign will begin with a visit to neighbourhood primary schools, for the purpose of informing school directors and pupils of the novelties regarding Dapoya evening classes. Current Dapoya students will be the first ones to benefit from reduced school costs. Brochures with prices and information regarding June and September registration, the main novelties and benefits of night classes and the possibility of taking out library books starting June, should be available for distribution in primary schools as of early June.

  9. Students who pass the BEPC will receive a bonus of 10.000 FCFA to help them continue their studies, with the condition that they bring a new candidate to study in evening classes.
  10. The Sini Nyassigui publicity campaign will have to include Web links in the main sites of Burkina-Faso, posters and brochures which alumni will be responsible for distributing and other activities that should be organized for September.

Financial data that explain the budget:

“Volunteer” professors are paid a 500 FCFA per hour stipend, for a course that lasts 6.5 months per year. A security guard receives 25.000 FCFA a month over a period of 9 months. A porter receives 7.500 FCFA a month for 8 months. Photocopies cost 15 FCFA each, and in this budget, we estimate needs at 100 pupils and 3 pieces of homework to be photocopied per subject. Sini Nyassigui does not pay rent but does assume responsibility for maintaining school equipment (blackboards, benches, tables). The school director will be awarded a compensation of 50.000 FCFA during 9 months of school functioning, for the additional responsibilities accumulated.

The budget functions on the basis that 100 pupils join evening classes for year 2009-2010, and supply 40 % of the budget through payment of registration expenses. The rest is coverd by " Sini Nyassigui " Association in the Burkina and " Por Futuro Mejor " in Spain, at the respective rates of 10 % and 50 %.

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